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Welcome to Corbin International, 
  Corbin is a small town located in the southern state of Kentucky, USA.  Rich in Country and Bluegrass music, this area is well known for its guitar and banjo music. It only seemed natural to honor the region that has brought us so much acoustic music over the years. Corbin International Guitars are co-designed with input from the USA and Germany and are hand crafted in China using premium woods and components that meet the professional player's requirements. 
  Enjoy Life-Play Music is our motto. All of us at Corbin International truly believe that playing music enriches our life. We welcome you to review our guitars and our dealer will be very happy to help you choose the right instrument for you. Rich in heritage, rich in sound, Corbin guitars have been hand crafted to meet the needs of the professional musician while on tour, at home or in the studio. We use only hand selected materials including AAA Spruce, Select Solid Cedar for our soundboards.  Backs and rims depending on model selection are made of solid Rosewood or Mahogany. Our mahogany necks are comfortable to play and we offer fingerboards made of Ebony or Rosewood. All Corbin International guitars are hand crafted in China under our strict supervision to meet the requirements of our USA and German design team.  
   John Broermann (aka Johnny Corbin) has been teaching, performing and enjoying life playing the guitar for over 40 years. While growing up just north of Corbin Kentucky, he was introduced to a wide range of music and musical styles at an early age.  Sharing the joy of music is our goal at Corbin International, according to Johnny. Playing an instrument can bring you joy for a lifetime. We hope you will have as much fun playing your Corbin Musical Instrument as I do.    
   Remember: Believe in music- Enjoy your Corbin!


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